Onboarding Mishaps

Onboarding Mistakes

Despite the fact Google is one of the largest software companies on the planet, or perhaps because of it, they still make some onboarding mistakes. Below are a couple examples where Google gets its wires crossed and overwhelms the user with several experiences competing for attention, and sometimes even space.

Orchestrate your onboarding experiences

These kinds of experiences reflect poorly upon a brand and product, and they can often have the unintended effect of actually hurting product metrics. Oftentimes these kinds of experiences are the result of separate systems or teams not talking to one another.

Use a tool to make it easier to orchestrate

In the case of the former, perhaps a tool for surveys is not synced with the tool that's used for feature tours or promotions. It's important for teams to have a system or tool in place to orchestrate and scale the entire onboarding experience as they grow and the journey and permutations become more complex.

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