New User Onboarding

New user onboarding

Registration flows are vital in modern SaaS. Designing an effective registration flow is a subject of varied opinions. Nevertheless, it is widely acknowledged that maintaining a concise flow is essential steps enhances conversion rates.

Don't make the user work

Mercury pre-fills form fields wherever possible to make it more convenient.

Don't make the user work

Again they've pre-filled another form field.

Break onboarding up into pieces

Account creation is now complete, and the user now proceeds with the primary onboarding to open a bank account.

By splitting the onboarding process into two phases, the user is not overwhelmed initially. If a user drops off at this point, there is sufficient information already collected to reach out to the user and encourage them to finish setup.

Celebrate progress and build momentum

In the second phase, users are given a clear indication of their progress. Additionally, form fields are pre-filled where possible. The use of checkboxes on the pre-filled forms gives the user a sense of accomplishment and momentum.

Personalize onboarding to each user

Conditional logic can be used to only collect information when necessary. Unnecessary fields and forms should not be presented to the user. Mercury adapts the form here based on whether the user answers yes or no.

Set expectations on timelines and next steps

Now the account is pending review. Mercury provides an overview screen to review previously submitted information, a timeline to for next steps (since it's out of the user's control), as well as other key steps for activation and account setup.

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